Six Months Vegan – An Update

Six months ago I made the decision to go from Vegetarian to Vegan, and it was one of the most positive life changes I have ever made.

As I have said in a previous post, opting for a more plant-based diet had made me feel so much healthier both physically and mentally and this has only continued to get better with every passing month.

I have now lost 10kg (22lb) and gone from a UK dress size 18 to a 16 and in some cases a 14!

Picking Vegan options is no longer a problem. I can usually navigate a menu pretty well when out for a meal and using vegan ingredients in my cooking is second nature to me.

I’ve also found some cool friends via Vegan Facebook groups too that I can discuss vegan issues with and share hints and tricks on cooking.

I’ve also found a love for vegan cheese too (I hated it when I first converted) and I enjoy trying new products and recipes too.

Overall going vegan has made such a positive impact on my life that I could never eat animal products again – the animals deserve so much better, and so do I!

The Secret Girly Girl

January Empties!

January has been a very busy month for empties. I am making a conscientious effort to use up all my half used product and sample sizes over the next few months so that I can’t start on all the new products I got for Christmas in March when Spring arrives (as I have mentioned before I am a very seasonal beauty lover). I have separated them into categories:


*Silvikrin Classic Hairspray Natural Hold 250ml

wella silvikrin

I have only recently started using hairspray on a daily basis. I’ve become a little obsessed with having a really sleek ponytail.

I picked this up while I was out and about,  I found this really effective in taming my fly aways and brushes right out. I also like that this hairspray helps to protect my hair from UV damage. This costs £3.29 and is available from Boots. Continue reading