Paint My Pout – Bourjois Edition


Hi Ladies,

I know it’s been a few days now since I did a ‘Paint my Pout’ Blog but things have been kinda hectic with the Business. I thought I’d do a Paint my Pout Special as I went to Boots Yesterday and picked up a trio of fantastic lip colours and I really wanted to share them with you guys. I don’t know if any of you are fans of Bourjois but they have some absolutely stunning lip colours that have just come out, and they are all matte Glosses. Now I adore anything matte affect whether it’s shadow, lips or nails I just love it. The Glosses I’m blogging about are from their Rouge Edition Velvet collection and all three are new shades to this Collection.


I just want to add that all Bourjois cosmetics are currently 3 for 2 at boots and when you make a 3 for 2 purchase you get a free pair of sunglasses in a case 🙂

hot pepperHot Peppe

The First Lip Colour I got was 03 Hot Pepper, which is a bright medium toned Red colour (unusual for me I know  – lol ). The one thing I love about matte lip gloss is that you can make it as subtle or as intense as you like simply by layering it. These products smell amazing too.

hot pepper lipshot pepper smile


flamingo caseole flamingo

The Second Lip Colour is 05 Olé flamingo! This is a stunning hot pink colour. I think pink is one of those colours that just looks so good in a matte effect. Another aspect of this product that I want to mention is just how silky soft the formula is. It left my lips feeling super soft and the silky finish is just lush!

flamingoflamingo smile

Nude-istnude ist

The third and final colour is 07 Nude-ist. This is probably my favourite colour, which is really unusual for me because I just don’t do nude colours. This is more of a dusky pink and just looks really natural on my lips. Most “natural’ lipsticks always look really pale on my lips and make me look washed out but this was nothing like that. Finally a Natural pink lipstick I am happy to wear!!!

nude lipnude smile

The final aspect I love about these glosses are the tubes. I just think they just look so cute and classy. I think it may be love at first sight for these Lip Colours.!!

Well Done Bourjois once again you failed to disappoint 🙂 !

Love & Bubbles

The Secret Girly Girl



Paint my Pout – Day 41!

Hi Ladies,

I am so sorry that i didn’t put a PMP blog up last night but I was struck down with a Migraine, I seem to be getting them quite a lot recently, I have tried cutting down my Caffein intake to see if that helps but I’m still getting them so I’m not sure what is triggering them. 😦 Continue reading

Paint my Pout – Day 39!

Hi Ladies,

I know that todays product has already been featured in another post on my blog once before so I’ll keep it quick….

nars casenars stick

Lipstick Brand: NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

Lipstick Shade: Cruella


Purchased: I cannot for the life of me remember, sorry Ladies.

Price: This Shade is no longer available but there are similar shades available and they retail at £18.00 each.

cruella pout

Thoughts: I love this product. I love the ease at which you can apply it. As it is a pencil you can pretty much use it as a lip liner first to get a perfect shape and then fill in the rest of your lips after. I know alot of Matte products can dry your lips out, this is usually the case with me but this product doesn’t. The colour lasts for hours and the shade is the sexiest blue based Red. I always feel confident when i wear this colour, and i will definately be purchasing more of these lip pencils in a variety of colours.

cruella lipscruella smile

I give this lip pencil 10/10! This is ALWAYS in my makeup case!

Love & Bubbles

The Secret Girly Girl