June 2015 Books – Review

Hi Guys,

This is going to be a short one as I only managed to read four books in June.

I know I normally read horror or crime books but this month I felt like reading something different for a change so ended up reading three autobiographies and a romance anthology so here they are…


Title: Fools Rush in

Author: Various

Format: Kindle

Pages: 236

Genre: Chic Lit

I have signed up for a service called BookBub (www.bookbub.com) and basically they send you daily notifications about free or cheap ebooks that are available on Amazon & ibooks. I’ve come across some really great books using this service unfortunately this book wasn’t one of them. I opted for this book because I wanted something that was lighthearted and an easy read. It was free on Kindle and so I down loaded it and now I know why it was free. It was awful. It is an anthology of romantic short stories all based around the theme of April Fools. I would say at least 90% of the stories were utter crap. They were badly written and you could easily predict the outcome. I would definitely say avoid this book – 2/5


Title: You’re making me hate you

Author: Corey Taylor

Format: Kindle

Pages: 244

Genre: Autobiographical

Written by the lead singer of metal band Slipknot this book is heavily laced with sarcasm and just a pinch of vitriol. Corey shares with the reader all the things about people and society that piss him off (Pretty much everything) and he doesn’t hold back! This book will have you nodding your head in agreement and laughing out loud in equal measure. This is a book that everyone can relate to – not to be missed! 5/5


Title: Bunny Tales – Behind closed doors at the playboy mansion

Author: Izabella St. James

Format: Kindle

Pages: 250

Genre: Autobiographical

I used to love watching ‘The girls next door’ a reality TV show based around the three live-in girlfriends of Hugh Hefner. I knew Holly Madison had a book coming out but it wasn’t released yet so I decided to download this book which pre-dates ‘The girls next door’ era. Izabella does not come across well in this book. She explains how she threw away a great career as a lawyer to become a girlfriend of Hefner.

She paints herself as a money hungry gold digger. A spoilt brat who was after all she could get from Hef. She also seems extremely bitter about the success of Holly, Bridget & Kendra and their TV series. I’m sure she wanted to come across as an intelligent, independent young woman but unfortunately she fails. It wasn’t a bad read but St. James did not do her self any favours writing this book. 3/5


Title: Down the Rabbit hole

Author: Holly Madison

Format: Kindle

Pages: 332

Genre: Autobiographical

I bought this on the day of release and couldn’t put it down. Unlike Izabella’s book, this is well written and Holly comes across as Intelligent, sincere and honest (although maybe a little easily lead). Holly discusses life behind the gates of the most famous mansion in LA. What really happened in Hugh Hefner’s bedroom is also laid out in great detail. She is candid about her life as Hugh’s No.1 girlfriend and is outspoken about the verbal abuse that she suffered at the hands of the worlds biggest playboy.

She doesn’t come across as a gold digger and she doesn’t moan about how she wasn’t bought this or that (I’m looking at you Miss St. James). She also talks about life after playboy and her relationships with the other two girlfriends. I really enjoyed this book; it was full of lots of juicy details – 5/5

So those were the four books that I read in June. Have you read any of these books? What books did you read throughout June?

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