My Absence

Hi there,

I am really sorry that I haven’t written in a while but as I run a Halloween business it has been a really busy time for me.

Our household also have a home haunt so it’s been mad crazy here.

This year our event was covered by the media and it just blew up!

We were in the national newspapers (The Sun & The Daily Mail) and my Boyfriend and his teenage daughter were on the BBC Breakfast news, as well as on various radio stations. Here is just a small article and pictures:

Our home is decorated for Halloween and is open to the public for two nights. We don’t charge but we do ask for donations for Cancer Research.

It’s a great way to bring everyone together to have fun and raise money for a fantastic cause!

This year we set a target to raise £2000 for Cancer Research but with the local community coming out in force to support the event we raised £4,339 which was fantastic!!

So that is why I haven’t been blogging for a while, but now the craziness has subsided I will make a conscientious effort to blog more frequently!

Love & Bubbles

The Secret Girly Girl



Sinister 2 – Film review


I have been so excited for this film’s release ever since I first saw the trailer.

My partner and I are huge horror movie fans so this was the perfect date night move.

This is a continuation of the first movie. It has the deputy sheriff from the last movie now working as a private investigator. He has been tracking down all the houses that are marked for death and has been burning them down.

When he arrives at the next house to burn down he finds that there is a woman & her two children already living in the house so it is a race against time to end the curse and bring Bughuul’s reign of terror to an end.

This was everything you want from a horror movie – a fantastic plot, plenty of suspense and a large amount of jumpy bits.

I actually enjoyed this installment more than the first one.

If you’re looking for a really great horror movie to keep you on the edge of your seat then i highly recommend this film – 4.5/5

Love & Bubbles

The Secret Girly Girl


The True Meaning of Halloween!

Hi Guys,

I thought I’d post something a little different today. As I have mentioned in my past posts, I love anything gothic or Halloween related. Halloween has always been my favourite holiday of all time.

As a kid I would pour over books about witches, vampires and Goblins.

My mum and dad always used to throw us Halloween parties where we would dunk for apples and play other Halloween party games.

It was on Halloween when I met my boyfriend, so again another happy memory.

These days Halloween is extremely important to our household because for the past four years our house has been converted into a Halloween Haunt attraction. We build five extra rooms down out driveway all decorated in their own individual themes and open our house up for the general public. We are now known all over the north west.

So what makes us want to open our home up for complete strangers? Charity.

We don’t make a single penny from the haunt with every last pence goes to Cancer research.

It’s also worth seeing so many children enjoy themselves. It’s a safe environment for them to come and walk through get a little spooked and at the end of the attraction we give out goody bags.

It’s such a fun night for everyone involved.

Last year we raised £1700 for cancer research all in one night, and that makes us very proud of what we do.

I wrote this blog post because I am going to start blogging about the Halloween process.

Showing you the props, events and hard work that goes into building a successful haunt.

I hope you enjoy the posts.

Stay Spooky

The Secret Girly Girl


Halloween Obsession & Auction of Horrors

Hi Ladies,

I have just looked back through my blog and realized that I have never wrote about one of my biggest passions….Halloween!

Ever since I was little, Halloween was always more exciting to me than any other holiday.

I have always thrown a Halloween party and have always tried to buy the best props for my budget.

On Halloween a few years ago I was told about this guy who decorated his whole house for Halloween, so I decided to go and have look, we chatted for a long while about ghouls & gore (the usual stuff), and we have now been dating for three years!

We are Haunters (people who decorate their whole house as an attraction for Halloween). We are an official cancer research event for the second year running (last year raising £1200 for the cause). It takes a lot of hard work and my boyfriend works mercilessly to make sure that the house looks amazing! As Halloween approaches there is going to be a lot of changes taking place to the house so I will try and blog to keep you guys updated!

At the weekend me and my partner headed down to Leamington spa, to the Elephant House auction room for the Auction of Horrors that takes place twice a year. This is an event that auctions off a variety of unusual items; such as used movie props, old fairground pieces, as well as side show/carnival items.

It’s an awesome event and we get to meet some amazing people.

This year we had our eye on a few items and luckily we won them!

The first was this Adams Family Belfry Tower that was once part of a wacky races car, which is amazing!


And secondly was a pair of ghost train doors painting with skeletons.


Both beautifully spooky pieces that will look amazing as part of our collection!!

I will try to keep you updated with our Spooky Shenanigans!

Screams & Curses

The Secret Girly Girl