Plant Based Diet – An Update! 

So it has been a little while now since I decided to eat more of a plant based diet.I now haven’t eaten meat for seven weeks and I haven’t missed it at all.

What is even more shocking is that I have gone from snacking on Junk food and fizzy drinks on a daily basis to not having touched a chocolate bar in six weeks, and again I haven’t missed it!

I am also feeling changes to my body too!

Weight: I’ve lost half a stone (7lb), which may not seem like a lot but I never set out to lose any weight, I set out to eat healthier and think more about what I was putting into my body. I have gone down a dress size. I was a UK size 18 and now a sized16 jeans are starting to get a little baggy on me – an amazing bonus!

Energy: I have so much more energy too. Before I was eating so much sugar that I was constantly in a cycle of sugar highs and crashes. I now seem to maintain a constant energy level, which means when I get home from work I have the energy to cook a nutritious meal and do chores or some more work whereas before I was so tired I just wanted to go to bed. 

Skin: I have never had problem skin but I did used to get really oily skin on my face and dry skin on my body but now my skin feels radiant. My friend even commented on how well my skin looked which was a great complement to receive.

Bowel – Now this is going to be somewhat of an over share but I used to go to the toilet for a bowel movement around once every five days. I was always constipated (because I consumed next to no fibre) and when I did go it was often painful. Now I go daily and I no longer feel bloated or uncomfortable.

Tummy Troubles – For over three years I suffered from quite nasty Gastritis. It would sometimes get so bad that I would be in agony and go through spells where I would be sick on a weekly basis. Now that I’m not consuming as much fatty foods this seems to have cleared up.

Mood – I feel so much happier at the moment. I have more energy, I’ve lost a little weight and I’m nourishing my body which all has an impact on my mood. I never thought of myself as a great cook but now I am so much more confident in the Kitchen. I can make healthy meals, I don’t feel daunted by trying a new recipe and I’m finding new things I love to eat all the time (Puy lentils – Who’d have thought?).

I am enjoying eating the nutrients that my body needs and I really want to continue trying new foods! I think a Plant based diet is really working for me at the moment!

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  New Book & a new perspective

I wanted to put together a blog post to let you know about the book ‘Swallow This’ By Joanna Blythman.

I started reading this book around three weeks ago and it has really changed my outlook on food.

This book is the inside scoop on what really goes into our food.

All the hard to pronounce chemicals that we see on our ingredients lists but cant even pronounce are demystified in this tell all book.

I am usually a huge junk food fan, snacking on crisps and chocolate to give me energy and relying on Coffee to get me through the day but this book changed my perspective of food.

Instead of looking at what I ate as a whole I have started to look at my meals (and snacks) as the sum of their parts (including their chemical & manufacturing processes) and many foods I have found myself not wanting to eat because now I know what is in them.

I had no idea that store bought sandwiches and vegetables are packed in gas contained packaging to stop the decomposition process so they last that few days longer.

So I decided to try eating foods that are less processed.

Over the years I have swapped back & forth between eating meat and being vegetarian. I always seem to go back to being vegetarian because I end up not really enjoying meat all that much, so I decided to cut out meat because I don’t really miss it anyway.

The first action I have taken is to sign up to a weekly Organic Vegetable box. I decided to go with Abel & Cole (

They had an introductory offer in which you get first Box for half Price and then your Fourth box also half price (Plus a free bottle of organic Prossecco). I will be taking delivery of my fourth Box on Friday!

I really like Abel & Cole because they allow you to change the contents of your box weekly and remove items that you won’t use. Each week is different and all the vegetables are organic and seasonal.


I order the Large Very Veg box, which is usually around £26.00 a week. This contains 8 packs of vegetables. A mixture of Veg, salad and root vegetables.

The day before my box is delivered I search for recipes online for fun things to cook, I print off the recipes and buy any other ingredients I may need, then I am ready to cook as soon as my box has arrived.

I used to cook quite a bit but never from scratch. I always bought store bought, ready to cook potatoes and bagged veg but having all these fresh vegetables that are organic and full of nutrients has inspired me to cook every day.

I have used my veg box contents as the main focus of my meals.

Here are just a few things I have made:

courgette Bolognese

Home made Tomato & Red Pepper salsa & Guacamole.

Mushroom Stroganoff
Spicy Carrot Soup

Creamy Courgette Lasagne

Mushroom Spinach & Potatoe Pie

What’s more, I have had so much fun doing it too!

I would Highly recommend this book to everyone who is interested in knowing what they are really eating and You should check out the various Organic boxes of Meat, Fruit & Vegetables by Abel & Cole too!


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Kitty Cat Chat – The arrival of Pumpkin

The last three weeks have been extremely eventful for kitties in our household.

We have two adult cats Lucifer, a 3-year-old male cat and Bailey a 7year old female (both Neutered & both Black).

Lucifer is our fur baby and Bailey belongs to my sister (who is currently staying with us).

We decided to add to our brood and get a kitten. I have always wanted a Ginger kitten called pumpkin and so we began the search.

We called every feline charity in the area (Lancashire) and even further afield but there were no ginger kittens in any of the charities.

So we decided to look at private sales and again, there were no ginger kittens in the area at all.

We finally found a ten-week-old female in Leicester so my Boyfriends daughter and I drove over to collect her.

On arrival she was so tiny, but she also had a brother there that was considerably bigger than her so we just figured she was the runt of the litter so we took her home.

A few days later a trip to the vets revealed that she was a 6-week-old Male.

He shouldn’t have left his mother yet, but he was healthy and we were told to fatten him up as he was on the skinny side.

Three weeks on and pumpkin is settled in perfectly. He has grown considerably and has just had his first injection. He’s extremely playful (much to Lucifers annoyance) and loves to curl up for cuddles.




He’s the perfect addition to our feline family!

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I’m a Happy little Planner!

I have always struggled to be organized. It always seemed like so much hard work, which often leads to me missing appointments and not recording vital information.

So throughout December last year, I decided to start a bullet journal which was all well and good but I’m not very good at art and so it looked like a five year old had done it.

In my journal searches I kept seeing these pictures and videos of these beautifully decorated Planners from America and they always looked like so much fun.

I found out that these planners were available on Amazon in the UK and so I ordered myself one.

I opted for the Classic Happy Planner by Mambi365 – They are pretty expensive (Around £35.00) but is a large planner, which is great because it leaves plenty of room for my work and Personal planning.

I soon realized that there is a whole planning world out there, with so many shops offering beautifully crafted weekly sticker kits for your planner.

Etsy is now my favourite website in the whole world, there are so many stickers and decorative kits on there that you never have to have the same weekly look twice.

There is literally a sticker out there for whatever you need to record from filling up your car with petrol to planning a blog. It has really helped me  organise myself and keep track of all my appointments.

Below are just some of the themes that I have put together in my planner.




This is a great way to get creative even though you may not be all that artistic.

I find it extremely relaxing to play around with all the stickers and make it personal to your needs.

Are you a planner? Which planner do you currently use? Let me know below.

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