Southport Food & Drink festival 

At the weekend there was a Food & Drink festival in Southport so my partner and I went to check it out.

It was a great day out, there were so many stalls selling products ranging from Olives and sun blushed tomatoes to Cold Pressed Olive oil and Thai spices.

One of the vendors, Rose Cottage Liqueurs had some amazing flavoured Gin Liqueurs. My favourite flavour was the Rhubarb & Rose Haw, which would go perfectly with Prossecco.

Another company Riverside Gin Liqueur had bottles of Passion fruit Vodka which when added to Prossecco would make an instant Porn star Martini.

Riverside Organic Farms had a booth so of course I headed straight there.

Riverside are purveyors of Organic Fruit, Veg & meat boxes based in Lancashire.

I wanted to take a look at their boxes and compare them to Abel & Cole my current Veg Box provider.

They offer a number of options which I photographed so I will pop that below.

 I opted for their Bumper Veg Box which contains around 12 items of Veg for only £21.45 plus free delivery. Which works out at just under £5.00 cheaper than Abel & Cole so I have now switched to Riverford Organic.

I will do a full review when I Receive my first box.

My partner & I didn’t want to miss out on any of the catering vans so we did a complete circuit before deciding on what to eat.

I opted for Persian Street Food by a company called Kababoom.

 I ordered the Falafel Flat bread, which came loaded with Humous, three Falafel, couscous & salad with a dash of Cucumber & mint sauce. I also ordered a side of Holoumi fries which were delicious.

My partner who is currently on the Atkins Diet opted for a Peri Peri Chicken Salad.

It was a lovely day and the sun was shining throughout. I will definitely be attending next year.

 The Secret Girly Girl






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