Plant Based Diet – An Update! 

So it has been a little while now since I decided to eat more of a plant based diet.I now haven’t eaten meat for seven weeks and I haven’t missed it at all.

What is even more shocking is that I have gone from snacking on Junk food and fizzy drinks on a daily basis to not having touched a chocolate bar in six weeks, and again I haven’t missed it!

I am also feeling changes to my body too!

Weight: I’ve lost half a stone (7lb), which may not seem like a lot but I never set out to lose any weight, I set out to eat healthier and think more about what I was putting into my body. I have gone down a dress size. I was a UK size 18 and now a sized16 jeans are starting to get a little baggy on me – an amazing bonus!

Energy: I have so much more energy too. Before I was eating so much sugar that I was constantly in a cycle of sugar highs and crashes. I now seem to maintain a constant energy level, which means when I get home from work I have the energy to cook a nutritious meal and do chores or some more work whereas before I was so tired I just wanted to go to bed. 

Skin: I have never had problem skin but I did used to get really oily skin on my face and dry skin on my body but now my skin feels radiant. My friend even commented on how well my skin looked which was a great complement to receive.

Bowel – Now this is going to be somewhat of an over share but I used to go to the toilet for a bowel movement around once every five days. I was always constipated (because I consumed next to no fibre) and when I did go it was often painful. Now I go daily and I no longer feel bloated or uncomfortable.

Tummy Troubles – For over three years I suffered from quite nasty Gastritis. It would sometimes get so bad that I would be in agony and go through spells where I would be sick on a weekly basis. Now that I’m not consuming as much fatty foods this seems to have cleared up.

Mood – I feel so much happier at the moment. I have more energy, I’ve lost a little weight and I’m nourishing my body which all has an impact on my mood. I never thought of myself as a great cook but now I am so much more confident in the Kitchen. I can make healthy meals, I don’t feel daunted by trying a new recipe and I’m finding new things I love to eat all the time (Puy lentils – Who’d have thought?).

I am enjoying eating the nutrients that my body needs and I really want to continue trying new foods! I think a Plant based diet is really working for me at the moment!

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