New Book & a new perspective

I wanted to put together a blog post to let you know about the book ‘Swallow This’ By Joanna Blythman.

I started reading this book around three weeks ago and it has really changed my outlook on food.

This book is the inside scoop on what really goes into our food.

All the hard to pronounce chemicals that we see on our ingredients lists but cant even pronounce are demystified in this tell all book.

I am usually a huge junk food fan, snacking on crisps and chocolate to give me energy and relying on Coffee to get me through the day but this book changed my perspective of food.

Instead of looking at what I ate as a whole I have started to look at my meals (and snacks) as the sum of their parts (including their chemical & manufacturing processes) and many foods I have found myself not wanting to eat because now I know what is in them.

I had no idea that store bought sandwiches and vegetables are packed in gas contained packaging to stop the decomposition process so they last that few days longer.

So I decided to try eating foods that are less processed.

Over the years I have swapped back & forth between eating meat and being vegetarian. I always seem to go back to being vegetarian because I end up not really enjoying meat all that much, so I decided to cut out meat because I don’t really miss it anyway.

The first action I have taken is to sign up to a weekly Organic Vegetable box. I decided to go with Abel & Cole (

They had an introductory offer in which you get first Box for half Price and then your Fourth box also half price (Plus a free bottle of organic Prossecco). I will be taking delivery of my fourth Box on Friday!

I really like Abel & Cole because they allow you to change the contents of your box weekly and remove items that you won’t use. Each week is different and all the vegetables are organic and seasonal.


I order the Large Very Veg box, which is usually around £26.00 a week. This contains 8 packs of vegetables. A mixture of Veg, salad and root vegetables.

The day before my box is delivered I search for recipes online for fun things to cook, I print off the recipes and buy any other ingredients I may need, then I am ready to cook as soon as my box has arrived.

I used to cook quite a bit but never from scratch. I always bought store bought, ready to cook potatoes and bagged veg but having all these fresh vegetables that are organic and full of nutrients has inspired me to cook every day.

I have used my veg box contents as the main focus of my meals.

Here are just a few things I have made:

courgette Bolognese

Home made Tomato & Red Pepper salsa & Guacamole.

Mushroom Stroganoff
Spicy Carrot Soup

Creamy Courgette Lasagne

Mushroom Spinach & Potatoe Pie

What’s more, I have had so much fun doing it too!

I would Highly recommend this book to everyone who is interested in knowing what they are really eating and You should check out the various Organic boxes of Meat, Fruit & Vegetables by Abel & Cole too!


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