Kitty Cat Chat – The arrival of Pumpkin

The last three weeks have been extremely eventful for kitties in our household.

We have two adult cats Lucifer, a 3-year-old male cat and Bailey a 7year old female (both Neutered & both Black).

Lucifer is our fur baby and Bailey belongs to my sister (who is currently staying with us).

We decided to add to our brood and get a kitten. I have always wanted a Ginger kitten called pumpkin and so we began the search.

We called every feline charity in the area (Lancashire) and even further afield but there were no ginger kittens in any of the charities.

So we decided to look at private sales and again, there were no ginger kittens in the area at all.

We finally found a ten-week-old female in Leicester so my Boyfriends daughter and I drove over to collect her.

On arrival she was so tiny, but she also had a brother there that was considerably bigger than her so we just figured she was the runt of the litter so we took her home.

A few days later a trip to the vets revealed that she was a 6-week-old Male.

He shouldn’t have left his mother yet, but he was healthy and we were told to fatten him up as he was on the skinny side.

Three weeks on and pumpkin is settled in perfectly. He has grown considerably and has just had his first injection. He’s extremely playful (much to Lucifers annoyance) and loves to curl up for cuddles.




He’s the perfect addition to our feline family!

The Secret Girly Girl



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