I’m a Happy little Planner!

I have always struggled to be organized. It always seemed like so much hard work, which often leads to me missing appointments and not recording vital information.

So throughout December last year, I decided to start a bullet journal which was all well and good but I’m not very good at art and so it looked like a five year old had done it.

In my journal searches I kept seeing these pictures and videos of these beautifully decorated Planners from America and they always looked like so much fun.

I found out that these planners were available on Amazon in the UK and so I ordered myself one.

I opted for the Classic Happy Planner by Mambi365 – They are pretty expensive (Around £35.00) but is a large planner, which is great because it leaves plenty of room for my work and Personal planning.

I soon realized that there is a whole planning world out there, with so many shops offering beautifully crafted weekly sticker kits for your planner.

Etsy is now my favourite website in the whole world, there are so many stickers and decorative kits on there that you never have to have the same weekly look twice.

There is literally a sticker out there for whatever you need to record from filling up your car with petrol to planning a blog. It has really helped me  organise myself and keep track of all my appointments.

Below are just some of the themes that I have put together in my planner.




This is a great way to get creative even though you may not be all that artistic.

I find it extremely relaxing to play around with all the stickers and make it personal to your needs.

Are you a planner? Which planner do you currently use? Let me know below.

The Secret Girly Girl



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