Book Reviews: June/July 2016

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During June and July I managed to read quite a bit as there was a little bit of travelling involved and a week spent relaxing in Holland. I am a fan of the paperback, I love the physical feeling of a book in my hand but throughout June and July I found myself reading more through the kindle app. It was just easier than taking numerous books with me while travelling. I managed to read seven books, most of which were Ghost stories with one or two mysteries thrown in for good measure. Here they are:

the waiting rooom

Title: The Waiting Room

Author: F.G Cottam

Format: Paperback

Pages: 294

Category: Ghost story

Rating 4/5

Thoughts: This is a great ghost story set in the British countryside.

A fraudulent television medium takes on a case at the home of an ageing rock star and soon realizes he may be out of his depth when he experiences a genuine case of paranormal activity.

I really liked the way the author peeled away the layers of the main characters till we saw past all the bravado & really came to know them for who they really are.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a really great British ghost story.

quarter to midnight

Title: Quarter to Midnight

Author: Darcy Coates

Format: Kindle

Pages: 314

Category: Horror story anthology

Rating: 5/5

Thoughts: I have read a few books by Darcy Coates and I have always enjoyed them, so when a friend of mine recommended this book I downloaded it right away – and wasn’t disappointed. There really is something for every fan of the supernatural/horror in this book. I really enjoyed this and I will be buying all of Darcy’s books because she never lets me down! A truly fantastic read.

on what grounds

Title: On what Grounds?

Author: Cleo Coyle

Format: Kindle

Pages: 275

Category: Berkley prime crime mystery

Rating: 4/5

Thoughts: If you are a reader that loves a good murder mystery then you definitely need to check out the Berkley prime crime mystery books. Most of the books are based around hobbies or interests of the authors such as reading, cats, cooking etc. Cleo’s books are all based around Coffee and this was the first book in her Coffee House mystery series. This is a great murder mystery and there was quite a lot of information about the specifics of coffee brewing too so you learn something new as well. I would definitely read more in this series.


Title: Forsaken

Author: J.D Barker

Format: Kindle

Pages: 386

Category: Ghost story/ Witches

Rating 5/5

Thoughts: When an author starts to write his new novel based on the witch trials he finds that he writes the novel with little to no effort. Soon the events he has been writing about start to come true. Was the book written from his own imagination or by the hand of another? This is book one in the Shadow cove saga and I could not put it down. It was so gripping, unfortunately this is the only book available at the moment so I have to wait for the next one. I will certainly purchase it as soon as it is released. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good supernatural horror.

danny dyer

Title: The World according to Danny Dyer

Author: Danny Dyer

Format: Kindle

Pages: 320 pages

Category: Autobiography

Rating 3/5

Thoughts: I first saw this book while on the ferry to Holland so I downloaded it and read it while chilling out in the hotel. I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of Danny Dyer but I though it may be an interesting read, it wasn’t. Danny wrote a lot of the book in cockney rhyming slag so I didn’t have a clue what half of it meant (thank god for the index at the back). In some places it was like it had been written by a child, it was really basic and he had a knack for pointing out the obvious. Also throughout he liked to keep reminding the reader of what an amazing actor he was and how diverse his skills were. I’ll be honest I’ve only ever seen him play one role (the hard man/cockney lad) and this book doesn’t do much to dissuade me that he has only ever been playing himself. If you’re a fan of Eastenders or of Dyer himself you may enjoy this book but it did nothing for me.


Title: The Ripper

Author: D.E Athkins (see what they did there)

Format: Paperback

Pages: 176

Category: Point Horror

Rating 4/5

Thoughts: A group of friends go to cemetery point on Halloween to party. While there one of them is murdered, soon they start to be picked off one by one. As I have mentioned before I have started collecting all the point horror books that I used to read when i was younger and this has always been one that has stuck in my mind. I enjoyed reading this book just as much as I did when I was thirteen. It is still one of my favourites.

a spirited manor


Title: A spirited Manor

Author: Kate Danley

Format: Kindle

Pages: 172

Category: Ghost story

Rating 4/5

Thoughts: When a widow is invited to a séance’ she has no idea that they will awaken something evil. Soon everyone at the table has to fight to stay alive. Book one in the O’Hare house mysteries series. I really liked this book. It was a nice mixture of ghost story and murder mystery. I will certainly look into getting other books in this series.

So those were the books I couldn’t put down throughout June & July. What books have you read recently that you enjoyed ? What are you currently reading? Let me know!

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