Kitty Cat Chat: Feline IBS (Sponsored)

Hi There,

As any of you who are regular readers of my blog will know I have a Black cat called Lucifer (and he’s a Star Wars Fan!)

blue light sabre lucifer

Just over a year ago Lucifer started to pass quite significant amounts of blood in his stools, which was extremely worrying.

We rushed him straight to the vets where he was diagnosed with Irritable bowel syndrome. I had no idea that cats could suffer from IBS.

IBS in Cats is caused by food intolerance, a deficiency in fibre, or stress.

In Lucifers case it is caused by dry cat food that is high in grains and low in protein.

He doesn’t tend to have any problems with wet food but we now have to feed him small amounts of dry food that is high in protein.

The lovely people at got in touch with me after hearing that Lucifer suffered with IBS. They offered to send me some high protein products for Lucifer to try that wouldn’t affect his IBS. So here is a review of the products that they kindly sent to us:

Almo Nature Classic in Jelly Cat Pouch 55g £0.69p


Lucifer isn’t a fan of jelly food so he didn’t like this very much. This isn’t due to the food itself it’s just down to personal preference. However this food is made from pure cuts of human grade meat so would be perfect for any cat whose owner likes to give them only the best ingredients.

Almo Nature Light cat food pouch 55g £0.71p

Almo-Nature-Light-Cat-Food-Pouch-55g_Eastern Little Tuna-5410

Now this went down a treat!. Consisting of tuna flakes and rice in a rich broth, Lucifer wolfed it down. Lucifer is a neutered male house cat, so keeping his weight in check is really important to us. So I am really glad that offers lighter options. I also liked that this is high in protein and contains no chemicals, additives or preservatives.

Available at:

Dreamies Chicken & Duck Mix – 60g £1.25

Dreamies-Cat-Treats_Chicken Duck Mix-161569

So what cat doesn’t like Dreamies? If Lucifer has gone into hiding, shaking a Dreamies packet is guaranteed to make him appear! He loves them! Normally the packet says you can feed a cat up to 20 a day but we always tend to feed him less just to err on the side of caution. Dreamies are available at:

Canagan Scottish Salmon Dry Cat Food 375g £5.20


This food was amazing! We started out by giving Lucifer tiny amounts sprinkled on his food, slowly increasing it without any trouble. These biscuits are 75% fish protein and grain free (the major cause of Lucifers IBS). Lucifer loved these biscuits, he usually leaves a few at each meal but he ate them all. I would definitely repurchase these all natural biscuits. These biscuits are available in a small 375g bag and a 4kg bag (£36.49).

Available at:

Overall Lucifer loved his order. I’m sure he would highly recommend these products for any cats suffering with feline IBS. I know I would certainly repurchase them for him!

Do any of you have animals with IBS or other health problems relating to their food?

If so let me know below!

The Secret Girly Girl (& Lucifer)



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