Books Reviews – April/May 2016

I have set myself a goal of reading 40 books throughout 2016 and I’m currently on book 20 so I’m on target, which I’m really happy about. I thought I’d review the books that I read throughout April & May so here they are:


Insanity (Mad in wonderland) Cameron Jace – 5/5

This is a fantastic take on the Alice in wonderland theme but with a modern twist. It takes place in a mental asylum where Alice is a patient.

With the help of Dr. Carter Pillar (yes really) she has to find a way to stop the “Mad Hatter” – a prolific serial killer.

I think the way Jace brought in the characters and the way they are interwoven is very clever. I have already ordered the next books in the series. Lots of fun!


Abbot’s Keep – Benedict Ashforth – 4/5

I had this on my kindle for a long time and really wanted to read it. I’m so glad that I finally got round to reading it. This book is a great little ghost story. Centred around a retired QC who received an ominous letter from his troubled brother, he goes in search of him, only to find much more than he had bargained for. A really great read.



The Entity Omnibus – Franklin Kendrick – 3.5/5

Again this was on my to read list for sometime. As the title suggests, this book centers around a family that has an entity within their home. Not a bad story but I would suggest that you buy the omnibus of this as to buy the parts individually does work out more expensive and most of the parts are really quite short. It’s good for those of you looking for a relatively quick read.


Thirteen tales of Horror – Various – 5/5

As I may have mentioned in a previous post, as a teenager I read a lot of point horrors and I have just started to collect them again. This is a compilation of ghost/horror stories from the more famous writers of the point horror series. Full of great little stories that really showcase the talents of the writers. I really enjoyed this book.


Suicide Forest – Jeremy Bates – 5/5

I bought this book as around a month ago, I went to watch the film ‘The Forest” which was a horror movie about the Aokigahara forest in Japan. For those of you who don’t know what this forest is, it’s one of the world’s most active Suicide destinations. It sits at the base of Mount Fuji and lots of people each year go to the forest to commit suicide.

This book is set in the Aokigahara and is about a group of friends who end up camping in the forest overnight. In the morning one of the friends is found hanging.

Soon they begin to be picked off one by one, either being injured or killed. The forest holds secrets that it doesn’t want to be told.

This book actually affected me quite a bit. Not because of the storyline but because I decided to research the forest and watched a few documentaries about the forest and the suicides that take place there. Its actually a really beautiful yet haunting place.

Watching the documentaries made it easier for me to imagine the plot line of this book and as such, I found it quite unnerving and at some points, really bloody scary. This book has a great plot, I would recommend this to anyone who loves a good horror story.


Blood Bath – Stephen Leather – 3/5

This was a very bizarre book for me. I think that in part it didn’t help that I haven’t read any of Leather’s other books so wasn’t too familiar with Nightingale the main character. This book is basically a short story by the author and then the rest of the book is made up of fan fiction about the main character from the author’s story. It was extremely repetitive and really quite boring. It would probably be a good book for anyone familiar with this character but was not really for me.

So that’s the six books I read throughout the last two months. Let me know what books you have been reading and what you thought of them!

Recommendations are very welcome too!

Lots of Love

Secret Girly Girl



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