Feeling Disenchanted…..

Hi Guys,

I just really wanted to have a little bit of a ramble today about my blog and also the subject of youtubers.

I used to love Beauty Bloggers & Vloggers on youtube and I would spend hours watching videos about beauty products. But recently I have become really disenchanted with them.

A lot of the Youtube beauty bloggers are pretty much the same.

They are talking about the same products that they are being sponsored to talk about, they all have the same (white candle, white flower & fairy light) background and a lot of them even talk in the same way.

I love Zoella, she’s awesome, she’s one of the originals and she does that style the best because it’s her style.

That doesn’t mean that because I like Zoella I want everyone else to be like her and have their videos be just like hers.

There are a number of beauty youtubers that I still love that still maintain their individuality such as Estée Lalonde, Grav3yardgirl, Lily Pebbles & Really Ree but for every one of them there are 100 trying to copy their styles.

I have recently been into watching Gothic Youtubers, like Toxic Tears, Drack Makens and ofherbsandalters. They love makeup and beauty products but they have a unique way of talking about them and they incorporate all elements of their life into their video’s.

I’ve also felt for a while that my blog has been one dimensional and is only reflection one side of my personality.

Don’t get me wrong I love beauty products, like LOVE them! But, I also have another side of me that loves horror movies, and goth events and burlesque shows and books as well as writing poetry, so I am going to start blogging about these too because I want this blog to reflect who I really am.

I will still be posting about beauty products but I also want to blog about other things going on in my life too.

As some of you may know, I run a Business called House of the Undead (www.house-of-the-undead.co.uk) which is a company that sells gothic Jewellery and horror homeware, so I would quite like to blog about some of our products as a lot of the products we get in stock I end up falling in love with and buying for myself and I think some of them will be of interest to some of you.

So there we go, ramble over.

I just wanted to let you guys know that the blog is going to see some changes and I just wanted to give you a heads-up! I hope you like the changes….


The Secret Girly Girl



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