Point Horrors – Re-connecting!

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to write a post about my new collection. I have decided to start collecting the full set of Point Horror novels.

So what are Point Horrors?

Point Horrors are a collection of Books released throughout the 90’s. They are Horror/ supernatural stories aimed at Teenagers/Young Adults.

When I was in high school these books had a real cult following and it was so hard to check them out of the school library because so many people wanted to read them.

As soon as I got my pocket money I would go to WH Smith and spend it all on these books. They used to cost around £3.99 each. I spent most of my summer holidays reading these books and I loved them.

They were written by a core group of authors including R.L Stine (author of Goosebumps), Diane Hoh, Caroline B. Cooney and Richie Tankersley Cusick. I loved them so much I even joined a Point Horror book club!

I decided to collect them all due partly to nostalgia but also because I loved the stories. They were always well written and always drew me in.

There are well over 120 point horror books and I currently have around 40 in my collection. You guys will probably see them popping up a lot in my monthly Book Reviews as I make my way through them. They are relatively short books with most of them coming to around 200 pages but they are fantastic and well worth the read!

Did you guys ever love Point Horrors? Which were your favourites? Did you have a favourite Author? Let me know!

The Secret Girly Girl



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