Train Wreck – Film Review!

Train Wreck – Film Review


As most of you may know I am a total horror film nerd.

I think I have five chick flicks that I have watched and liked and this genre is not normally for me, in fact I usually avoid it like the plague.

But I do love me some Amy Schumer so I had to go see this film.

This film is Hilarious!

The love interest, Aaron (played by Bill Hader) isn’t your usual ‘hot guy’ love interest, he’s dorky and needy and that just makes him all the more loveable. Schumer’s character is as outrageous as you would expect, Amy certainly didn’t hold back when writing her character.

One of the most unexpected characters was Amy’s Boss Diana played by Tilda Swinton. I didn’t recognizer her at first. This role is so far removed from any other role I have seen her play. She plays a gobby, brash, cockney magazine editor, (think two parts Russell Brand and one part Kathy Beale from Eastenders), I loved her character.

I was also quite shocked at how good an actor LeBron James was, he was obviously playing himself, but his comedic timing was spot on.

This really is a fantastic film and a must see for fans of Schumer & the Chick Flick genre. 5/5!

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