Halloween Prep – Wk 1.

It may only be August but Halloween is fast approaching. which means we really need to kick our preparation up a notch.

Every Wednesday we go to our Halloween unit (we have filled a whole storage unit with Halloween props). This week it was all about sorting through boxes and finding things we no longer use to sell on ebay.

We started organising items into boxes by their themes and generally making room for new products we have arriving.

The main theme we have this year outside the front of the house is a Zombie apocalypse.

Another main theme is a mad doctors operating theatre, so we had to sort through our glassware for poison/chemical bottles.


We had to major arrivals this week for the mad doctor theme. The first was a real operating theatre light and the second is a vintage hospital bed.

It’s all so exciting!!

Stay Spooky!

The Secret Girly Girl



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