July Reads!

July was a pretty slow month for me in terms of books read, I only got round to reading three books. Throughout July I just couldn’t face reading anything too heavy, I just really wanted to read something easy and enjoyable. I found myself reading books that would normally be found in the ‘teenage’ section and I really enjoyed reading them all.


The first book was ‘Hex Hall’ by Rachel Hawkins. The plot was centered around a teenage witch who is sent to Hecate (Hex) Hall after one of her spells goes wrong. Once she arrives, powerful witches start to get murdered and injured and her Vampire roommate is the number one suspect. This is a great mystery book. I like this because it reminded me of the Point Horror books I used to read as a teenager. I enjoyed this book so much that I have already purchased the other books in the series – 5/5


The second book I read was ‘Ash’ by Malinda Lo. A great take on the fairytale genre, it has a striking resemblance to Cinderella but a little more grown up. I really enjoyed it, I like the gender switch up in the book too. 5/5


The third book was ‘The Harrowing’ by Alexandra Sokoloff. When five students at a college decide to stay at their dorm during a holiday weekend, their lives are brought together when they play with a spirit board, but they soon realize they have conjured so much more than a simple spirit. I would say this was my favourite book. I love stories about Ouija boards and possessions so this was right up my street. A real page turner, I read it in a day and a half and have since purchased more books by this author. 5/5

So those were the books I read throughout July. What books did you guys read in July? What is your favourite author? Let me know!

Love & Bubbles

The Secret Girly Girl





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