Beauty Empties

Hi Peeps,

Over the last few weeks I have managed to accrue a large quantity of empties, so I thought I best share them with you before they take over my cupboard or my boyfriend throws them out

Body & Hair

philip kingsley

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer (20ml)

I know that in the past I have given this product a luke warm reception, but for whatever reason I have really been digging this product lately. I use it as a pre-shampoo treatment and it has left my hair feeling lovely and soft. I am definitely converted!


OGX Keratin Oil Shampoo (385ml)

This shampoo smells amazingly fruity. It left my hair feeling light and not weighed down with crap like some shampoo’s have a tendency to do. I would definitely repurchase this product, for the smell alone.

sanctuary spa

Sanctuary Spa Body Lotion (75ml)

This was a miniature that I had hanging around the house, I used it because my legs got so dry and itchy (probably because of all the central heating I’ve been basking in this winter). This helped to soothe my legs, the smell wasn’t great though. It smelled quite chemically and not what I would expect a sanctuary to smell like. This will not be repurchased!

vaseline spray n go

Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser (190ml)

This smells so freaking good, and reminds me of chocolate! The only way Vaseline could make this any better would be if they made it edible! I spray this all over before I get in my night shirt and it just relaxes me. After all, who wouldn’t want to go to bed smelling of chocolate!! It also seems to be keeping my dry skin at bay too – a definite repurchase!


power lash

Model Co. Power Lash Black Mascara

This mascara has a really big wand, which is normally great, except it was too big for the tube. So every time you put the wand back in it squished mascara all over the place. I looked as though I’d been finger painting. Surely getting the wand to fit in the tube would be part of ‘mascara for beginners’ but apparently not. I gave up in the end!



DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (200ml)

This has been a favourite of mine for so long, but now that it’s used up I want to try something else. I am a hugely eclectic person and although I love this product, I get bored easily and love to try out new things so I’m now on a voyage of discovery to find another cleanser to be my new favourite 😀


Nivea Daily Essentials Extra Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (125ml)

I thought this was a good drugstore level make up remover but I did have to give my eyes a fair scrub to remove all traces of any heavy eye make up. Definitely one for the ‘mascara only’ kinda days.

estee lauder

Estee Lauder – Perfectly Clean (50ml)

I really enjoyed using this cleanser. It foams up really well and works perfectly with my Clarisonic face brush. I’ve really noticed how clean it leaves my skin feeling. I currently have another brand on standby but I would definitely repurchase! It smells so fresh too!

liz earle

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic (50ml)

I have been using this as a toner and although I love the Cleanse and polish; I wasn’t blown away by this toner. That’s not to say it didn’t do the job, it just didn’t leave my face feeling as fresh as the Elemis toners do, although it does have a lovely scent to it.

it's potent

Benefit it’s potent – Eye Cream (30g)

I really enjoyed using this. It felt very nourishing under my eyes and I adore the cute little pot it came in. I have just purchased the Puff Off by Benefit (Which I love) so once that has gone I will probably treat myself to this for Autumn/Winter.


Eslor Firming Collagen Day Cream

As a lover of the Pro Collagen Marine Cream by Elemis I was really interested to try this. I found it to be a really nice day cream. It smelled really nice and the Rose Gold Packaging was super cute. It probably wouldn’t make me change from Elemis but that’s purely because I’m loyal to the brand but it certainly made me take note of Eslor as a brand and they have some nice products that I’d love to try.

glycolic mask

REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask (10ml)

I’m not sure where I got this sample from but I’m glad I got it. This mask smells strongly of fresh fruit! It has a very thick consistency, which feels a little bit like your spreading honey all over your face, but leaves your skin feeling amazing. This little tube gave me enough product for three face masks.

As I work from home I just slap it on while I work and then wash off after 10 minutes. As I’m now in my thirties I find that I am reaching more for Chemical exfoliants, as opposed to their abrasive counterparts. I would highly recommend this product for people who are interested in more natural skincare. I loved this product so much that I bought the full sized set from this range.


Benefit The Porefessional (22ml)

I am a huge benefit fan (as you may have noticed) and I got this a while ago & it really has lasted me ages. I must admit I Don’t use it everyday but I do enjoy using it when I remember. I have a few miniatures of this to get through before I purchase the full sized product.

So that was my empties for the past 8 weeks, some were new favourites, some were just crap, but I always enjoy trying new products. Let me know if you have tried any of these products. Where they a love or loath item for you?

Love & Bubbles

The Secret Girly Girl



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