Into The Woods: Film Review.

When I first saw the trailer for this film I really wanted to see it, Chris my partner not so much. He isn’t a fan of musicals but he came along to see it anyway .


Directed by the same director as Pirates of the Caribbean (Rob Marshall)

This film is very dark, both in the way it’s shot and the way it’s written. You could almost mistake it for a Tim Burton film.

With an all-star line up (Meryl Streep, Anna Kendrick & James Corden) this film is full of talent and it shows. Well acted (Chris disagrees) and well sang, it was a pleasure for kids and adults alike.

The film surrounds a curse and the gathering of fairytale items to reverse said curse. It draws together a number of well-known fairy tales (Cinderella, Jack & the beanstalk and Rapunzel to name a few).

I enjoyed it, the only aspect that bugged me was the fact that it was pretty much the same song throughout and I understand that they used this to bring the characters together but it did get a little repetitive.

Out of all the cast I was surprised by just how amazing Meryl Streep’s voice was, she was by far the most versatile singer. I loved her character as the witch, but then; I’m a sucker for a good Villain!

Not all the characters lived happily ever after, especially Johnny Depp’s as the wolf, he lasted all of five minutes which was a shame cause he was one of the main people I wanted to see and I feel they could have done more with his character.

There were a few comedic moments in the film especially surrounding the Prince charming character played by Chris Pine.

It was a really enjoyable film I really liked it, Chris on the other hand did not.

His view (and this is a direct quote) was that it was ‘a bag of wank’. Make of that what you will!

Let me know if you have seen this film and what you thought of it!

Kind Regards

The Secret Girly Girl



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