Piercingly pretty!!

Hi Ladies,

As you know I am quite the girly girl and like a magpie I love sparkly things, so this week I decided to get two dermal anchors fitted.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of dermal anchors, they are small implant piercings that are placed under the skin and pretty much stay there, they are classed as permanent piercings but you can have them removed really easily (by a trained professional).

The great thing about dermal anchors is that you can have them fitted in places where a surface piercing is prone to reject. I chose to have my first anchor put at the base of my throat and the second anchor was fitted in my wrist.

The process is really simple and is pretty much over in about a minute. First the piercer uses a dermpunch to remove a small amount of skin and then pops the anchor in the space under the skin. It sounds horrific but it really isn’t a bad procedure at all. I opted for clear gems so they would match any outfit and they are so cute!! I had them done only yesterday and there is a little bruise but no pain at all.

Here is the anchor in my Throat:

dermal throat

And here is my wrist anchor:

dermal wrist

If you are interested in getting a dermal anchor or any piercing in fact, please make sure you go to a trained professional.

*Make sure their clinic is clean, that they use an autoclave system to keep their tools clean.

*Make sure that their needles; dermpunches and Jewellery are all fresh out of the packet.

*Please make sure they are a trusted piercer with a great reputation!

If you are from the North West England I highly recommend going to see Shean Powell at Hello Sailor Tattoo Studio in Blackpool. He is highly professional, his studio is spotless and I wouldn’t consider going to anyone else!

Do any of you guys have dermal anchors? If so send me some pics at secretgirlygirl55@gmail.com

Love & Bubbles

The Secret Girly Girl





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