Keeping My Office Cozy…..

Hi Ladies,

We are finally into Autumn (my favourite season), and for me it’s the time of year that I swap around my perfumes to richer, heavier scents and pack away my tinted lip balms and replace them with blue toned reds and darker lip glosses.

When Autumn comes around I like to make my office cozier. The way I have been doing this in September is with Autumn Scented Candles and Accessories.

The First Candle I have used was the Sand & Drift wood Candle by Woodwick.

sand & Drift wood

These are candles with a wooden Wick, this means as they burn they crackle like burning logs, which I find always feels really homely.


The only down side is that these candles are really expensive but do last a long time. My Candle was the smaller of the 2 jar sizes and cost £15.99. I lit this candle every day and it lasted me two full weeks. These candles are a great way to treat yourself and they smell amazing.

Secondly was a candle Accessory that has just been launched by Yankee Candle and it’s the Fiery Autumn Votive holder. Decorated in beautiful orange leaves, with a cracked glass finish it is the perfect Fall accessory. It is so pretty and was only £5.99.

fiery Autumnfiery autumn 2

In this holder I have been burning Candles by Chesapeake Bay Candle.

This is an American Candle company that has the most delicious scented candles especially for Autumn. My favourite scents have been Butternut Pumpkin, Autumn Leaves and Harvest Apple.

autumn leavesbutternut pumkin

Their candles are available from Homesense and TK Maxx.

harvest apple

The Tea lights are £4.99 for 24 candles and the Pillar candle is £3.99. Nice and cheap and they smell divine.

Do you guys swap your fragrances and cosmetics around for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter?  Do you have a favourite candle?

If so, let me know.

Love & Bubbles

The Secret Girly Girl




2 thoughts on “Keeping My Office Cozy…..

  1. We at Chesapeake Bay Candles would like to thank you for your kind words about our products. We hope you continue to enjoy our products for years to come.

    Cynthia Henderson
    Office Coordinator
    Chesapeake Bay Candles

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