August Empties!!

It’s September already! That means one thing…August Empties!!


This month there hasn’t been too many empties, but there have been enough. Here they are:

1st Empty: Wei Jujube Age Control Serum (4ml)


I got this sample-sized serum in a Beauty Box but I’m not sure which. I may have even got it in the beauty samples Advent Calendar I got last year. I am trying to use up all the serum samples that I have as I am yet to find a serum that I really like so I am just trying everything that is out there.

This serum smells really nice. It is a gel serum and is packed full of energizing herbs used in Chinese medicine. It felt nice and silky on my skin and I did like using it, but I won’t be repurchasing it purely because the full sized product (30ml) carries a £60.00 price tag. I understand why it is so expensive due to the ingredients but it’s just out of my price range, and it’s too expensive to ask for as a Christmas present either. If you have the money then try it as it is a lovely serum.

Grab yours at:

2nd Empty: Avon Naturals–Vibrant Orchid & Blueberry Scented Spritz 100ml


I know this product is meant as a fragrant body spray but I use it as a bedding/room spray. It’s inexpensive and smells lovely. It manages to smell both Floral & Fruity. If you are using it as a body spritz it’s worth noting that it also contains vitamins too, but I don’t think that is something that is of any interest to my quilt 🙂

This item is currently on offer at £0.99p at:

3rd Empty: Elemis Pro-Radiance Hand & Nail Cream (20ml)


I currently have about four Hand Creams on the go and this just happens to be the one I finished first (it’s also one of my favourite brands ever!!!). I got this Travel sized item as part of an Elemis Travel kit and it smells delicious.

Elemis for me is a real luxury brand and I always feel like I’m treating myself when I use their product and this hand cream was no different.

It is a lovely thick cream but isn’t too greasy! This is a great cream to use with your moisturizing gloves if your hands need a little TLC. It is also the perfect hand cream for taking into Fall & Winter as it’s so thick and protecting.

The thing I like about this hand cream is that on you can purchase the 20ml Travel sized product for £6.00 if you wanted to try it before buying the full sized product. The full sized product is quite expensive at £24.00 for 100ml. Would I purchase the full sized product? I already have! Bring it on Winter, I am Prepared!!!

4th Empty: Dove Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea 48hr Anti-Perspirant 125ml.


This is one of the new 250ml down to 125ml, compressed cans that you see everywhere right now. I don’t usually have a specific daily deodorant I tend to just buy whichever is cheapest but I actually bought this for the scent. A few weeks back when it was really hot, I went through a phase of loving cucumber scented products, as they just made me feel fresher so I bulk bought this deodorant. As it is a Dove product it does contain ¼ moisture cream & Vitamin E and it did make my underarms feel silky soft. This product smells so light and fresh and it maintains that freshness throughout the day. I wouldn’t rely on the 48hr protection though as if you have had a shower I would expect that the product would get washed away. I will definitely be repurchasing this product.

You can find this Deodorant at most supermarkets.

5th Empty: Original source Shea Butter & Honey Shower (250ml)


I love the Original Source products. They are always packaged in a fun way and always smell delicious. Another aspect I really like is the little fact they print on the bottle about how it was made, on this bottle it says it took 49 Bee Miles to make this bottle of source shower :). This product smells amazingly creamy and nourishing, I will definitely repurchase.

Original Source shower products are currently on offer at £1.10 at

6th Empty: Samy Fat Hair “0” Calories Amplifying Shampoo (300ml).


I love this shampoo. It is Sulfate & Paraben free which is great if you’re not a fan of these added chemicals. I found that this shampoo did give my hair volume, left it feeling silky soft and smelling Luscious. I adore the packaging, it’s bright, fun and quirky. The domed top also means it makes a great fake microphone for those of us who love singing in the shower 😀

This shampoo was £5.59. Samy products are available at where many are currently on offer (Buy 1 get one ½ price).

So those are the products I got through in the month of August.

Have you tried any of these products? If so what did you think?

Leave a comment below or email me at

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Love & Bubbles

The Secret Girly Girl



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