Deliver us from Evil – Film Review.

Hi Ladies,

As you will soon realise, me and my partner are avid cinema goers, we tend to go at least once a week, so i figured I may as well tell you what I think of the films I am going to see.


This week we went to watch Deliver us from Evil. I am a huge fan of the Horror Genre. The creepier the better! I especially like Possession films or films about exorcisms, they always creep me out. Deliver us from Evil is just such a film.

It is about a Cop who gets caught up in a possession/supernatural case that is also being investigated by a catholic priest. They join forces to combat the evil.

If you like films that are going to make you jump then this is one for you. It relies heavily on the element of surprise. I did find that the films was a bit slow going at first and the ending wasn’t amazing. On the plus side though, there were some good exorcism/possession scenes. I would probably give this film a 6/10.

It’s not a film I’d rave about but it is a half decent horror flick but I don’t think it can compete with some of the horror movies coming out this October.

Love & Bubbles

The Secret Girly Girl



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