Paint my Pout – Day 41!

Hi Ladies,

I am so sorry that i didn’t put a PMP blog up last night but I was struck down with a Migraine, I seem to be getting them quite a lot recently, I have tried cutting down my Caffein intake to see if that helps but I’m still getting them so I’m not sure what is triggering them. 😦

Todays pout is one of my favourite glosses…..

maleficent tubemaleficent stick

Lipgloss Brand: MAC Disney Maleficent LipGlass

Lipgloss Shade: Anthurium


Purchased: Selfridges

Cost: I believe this was £15.00 but as it is no longer available I cannot double check it.

maleficent lips

Thoughts: I was absolutely blown away with the effects of this Lipglass. The colour pay off is absolutely phenomenal, it has such a high shine. As you can see from the pictures the results are so intense and I find the product so sexy. It is the perfect lipgoss to make a statement I just love it. It is one of those products that every time I use it I am just like WOW! It never fails to make me feel confident.

maleficent poutmaleficent smile

If I could give this an 11/10 I would!!!

Love & Bubbles

The Secret Girly Girl



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