Paint my Pout – Day 40!

Hi ladies,

I’m not sure if I have blogged about todays product before, I am pretty sure I have ……

Mac polish tubeberry bold stick

Lipstick Brand: Mac Patent Polish Lip Pencil

Lipstick Shade: Berry Bold

berry bold


Cost: £14.50

mac polish poutmac polish lip

Thoughts: The thing I like about this product is it’s subtlety. Now i know i own a lot of red lipsticks but sometimes i want to wear a red that gives a subtle blush of colour and this does just that. I also like the way it moisturises my lips too.  It’s more like a chubby stick than a lipstick and thats why i like it because it’s different to most lipsticks that MAC do.

mac polish smile

I would give this an 8/10! A subtle amount of colour with rich moisture!!

Love & Bubbles


The Secret Girly Girl



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