Paint my pout – Day 36.

Hi Ladies,

Today is one of my favourite Makeup Revolution London Lipsticks…

Dazzledazzle stick

Lipstick Brand: Makeup Revolution Lipstick

Lipstick Shade: Dazzle



Price: £1.00

Thoughts: I really like this bright pink colour and it has a lovely sheen to it.

dazzle smiledazzle lip

I know in the past there have been a few Makeup Revolution shades that haven’t matched my complexion but this colour is perfect.  The formulae is lovely and smooth and isn’t drying on my lips at all. I think Makeup Revolutions strong point is definately their brights colours, and high Pigments!!

I give this Lipstick 8/10 🙂

Love & Bubbles

The Secret Girly Girl



2 thoughts on “Paint my pout – Day 36.

  1. I love this post, thank you! It’s great to know it doesn’t dry out your lips – soo many lipsticks do this to me! Keep writing, i’d love if you’d give my blog a glance too! Emma x

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