Paint my Pout – Day 28, 29 & 30

Hi Ladies,

I’m really sorry that I haven’t posted a ‘Paint my Pout’ for the last two days but we went away for the weekend and i didnt take my laptop. I have decided to tweak the paint my pout posts and i will now include all lip colour  products, including lip crayons, glosses, tints & stains. As i have not posted for the last two days I am going to do a triple post today so here we go……

pout paint 3

Lipstick Brand: Sleek Pout Paint (perfect for paint my pout)

Lipstick shade: Lava (Orange) Pinkini (Pink) & Pin Up (Red)

Cost: £4.99 Each


orangle lipsorange smile

Thoughts on Lava (orange) : I have spoke about this lip product before when i did a post on orange lips,  I do like it for a nice pop of orange tint but this lipgloss is far from subtle so I did have to blot it to get the effect I wanted but it is a lovely shade. I give this shade 8/10

pinkini lipspinkini smile

Thoughts on Pinkini: I love this Pink lip colour. The great thing about Sleeks pout paint is that you literally need a drop on the tip of your lip brush a little bit goes such a long way. This means that the tube lasts for ages which makes is absolutely great value for money. I give this product 8/10

pin up lipspin up smile

Thoughts on Pin Up: If you want an intense red colour with high shine then this is the product for you. This red is absolutely stunning, again you need the tiniest drop. This colour is extremely pronounced so if you want a more muted red you will need to blot it quite alot as even using the tiniest amount will give maximum effect which is why i love these products. I give this product 10/10!!

Love & Bubbles

The Secret Girly Girl



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