Paint my Pout – Day 18

Hi Ladies,

Today’s lipstick is another from the new makeup company Makeup Revolution London…..

lady tubelady stick

Lipstick Manufacturer: Makeup Revolution London

Lipstick Shade: Lady

lady label


Price: £1.00

lady pout

Thoughts:Today was the first day I had ever tried this lipstick and I think it was love at first sight. If you love rocking the bold red lip then this is for you because you couldn’t find a bolder colour!! This lipstick has a lovely shine to it and feels lovely on the lips. I am absolutely shocked that a lipstick this good can retail at £1.00! I Think i may have found a new favourite!! I would definitely recommend that you head over to Makeup Revolutions website and order one of these, pronto!!

lady smilelady pucker

It’s a no brainer I give this Lipstick a 10/10!!!

Love & Bubbles

The Secret Girly Girl


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