Poorly Puddy!!

Hi Ladies,

Although the header on my blog says ‘Beauty & Life Blog’ this is the first time that I have blogged about what is happening in my life.

As any of you who read my blog on a regular basis will know I have a little Kitten called Lucifer. I also have an adult black cat called Shadow who lives at my mums house as he has grown up there all his life.

Shadow is Ten years old and has always been a perfectly healthy tom cat. He recently went missing and we were worried that he had got himself trapped somewhere in the hot weather. Nine days later he came back looking a little lethargic and with what we presumed to be a bite from another cat on his head. We took to the vets straight away and he was given some antibiotics for the bite but given a clean bill of health.

Over the last week he was kept indoors and was given the AntiBiotics but then he started getting more sores and his hair was falling out in clumps. he was taken back to the vet were he has been diagnosed with Mycobacterium Lepraemurium. This is a form of Leprosy found in cats, and is contracted through the bite of rats (street rats not Pets).

He is now on a strong Steroid in the hope that it clears up, if this doesn’t work he will have to have Biopsies taken of his sores. I wrote this blog just to say that if your cat goes missing for a few days and comes home with cuts or bites on them, then please take them to be checked out at the vets ASAP!!

I love my little Shadow man very much and I hope that he can make a full recovery from this.

Love & Bubbles

The Secret Girly Girl




4 thoughts on “Poorly Puddy!!

  1. So sorry to hear about Shadow. Really hope he feels much better very soon. Thanks for the info as well. I have 3 lovable monsters and I’ve never heard of this xxxx

    1. I hadn’t heard of it either, I never thought Leprosy in cats was ever possible. All we can do is continue with the treatment and hope that it is something he can recover from. xxx Thank you for your kind message xxxx

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