Paint my Pout : Day 5


Day Five brings you one of my favourite lipsticks! Yaaaay!

tube fbombstick fbomb

Lipstick Manufacturer: Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick

Lipstick Shade: F-Bomb

Purchased: Debenhams

Cost: £15.00

swatch f bomb

Thoughts: I have had this lipstick for some time now and it is one of my all time Favourites.

The packaging is so cute and chic with it’s mirrored casing.

The Lipstick itself is a Deep Blue toned Red.

The formula is just delicious!

I have already blogged about this product back in my March Favourites Blog so I wont repeat myself.

I just want to say this lipstick is amaaaaaazing, I love it so much!!

smile fbombpout f-bomb

Grab yours today at

Love & Bubbles

The Secret Girly Girl


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