Paint my Pout: Day 4

Hi Ladies,

It’s Day 4 …so lets crack on….


Lipstick Manufacturer: Avon

Lipstick Shade: Ultra Colour Lipstick in shade Beyond Pink

Bought: Through my Avon representative.

Price: I’m not sure what I Paid but I’m pretty sure i bought it as part of an offer (Avon currently has this lipstick in a 2 for £10.00 offer)

beyond pinkswatch


If I’m being honest this is one of the Lipsticks that I had forgotten about. I would just like to point out this is no reflection on the Lipstick itself it’s just that i buy so many new products that older ones get replaced etc. I am really glad that i re-found this lipstick because it really is a lovely colour.

Beyond pink is a gorgeous Hot Pink colour that i think will suit most complexions. The formula means that it glides on smoothly and leaves my lips feeling smooth and soft. It didn’t dry out my lips either which tends to be a problem with me.


The only down side is that it isn’t very hard wearing, I went out for a meal and by the first course the lipstick was non-existent.

This is a lipstick that you will have to re-apply a few times throughout the day but apart from that it is a lovely lipstick.

To check out this Lipstick & other shades in the range go to:

I hope you guys are enjoying my ‘Paint my Pout’ Blog.

Love & Bubbles

The Secret Girly Girl





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