Cataloguing & The Lipstick challenge :)


Hey there Ladies I have been so uber-busy getting my new business up and running that i have found my blog getting a little neglected and for that I am sorry.

I spent the whole of my saturday cataloguing all my make up and putting it in to a spread sheet because a lot of my make up gets forgotten about or over looked.

I recently had a clear out and gave a lot of my make up to family members but i still seem to have managed to hold on to 39 lipsticks!

Seeing these 39 lipsticks gave me an idea, to help get my mind back into my beauty blogging why don’t i wear a different lipstick everyday for the next 39 days and do a daily mini blog about what i think of the lipsticks.

So I’m gonna attempt to do this, I hope you guys enjoy reading it and please give me your feedback if you see your favourite Lippy!

So starting from today I plan to paint my pout in an array of colours, please bare in mind that these are lipsticks only and are not including glosses, treatments or stains.

May the pouting commence…………

Love &  Bubbles

The Secret Girly Girl




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