May Empties…..

I cannot believe that we are in June already! 2014 is just flying by!!

I’m really excited that June is here because it’s my Birthday this week – Yay!!!

May has been a very eventful month for me. I’ve been on Holiday, I’ve discovered lots of new products and I’ve left my job in advertising to focus on my new business which is really daunting but super exciting!!!

May has also been quite a busy month for empties. Usually it’s just one or two products but this month I had a box full!! And here they are……


I’m Pretty sure I have talked about the shampoo in an empties blog and now i have finished the Conditioner. I normally use Aussie conditioner on my hair but i took this on holiday with me and loved it. I really like that this product is free of any nasty chemicals and leaves my hair feeling silky soft.

I got mine from Poundland for …..£1! (Surprise).

source handwash

Secondly was Original Source Hand wash in Mint & Tea Tree. Now i wouldn’t normally include hand washes in my empties but this is the most delicious hand wash. It always leaves my hands feeling clean and tingly. The scent is just amazing and stays with you. I would love for this company to do a mint & Tea Tree hand cream! That would be yummy!! I have tried the matching shower gel to this hand wash but it left my personal areas a little tingly 😀 I would highly recommend this hand wash though!

Available from most supermarkets and high street pharmacies.

simple wipes

Thirdly I went through about 4 packets of these throughout the month. Mainly because i was in france and it was hot so I used them to keep myself cool and refreshed.

I love to use these wipes on non-make up days to keep my skin free of oil and to leave my skin feeling soft and clean without using harsh chemicals on the skin.

Simple wipes are available from most supermarkets, Boots & Superdrug.

loreal eye make up remover

Next was the Gentle Make up remover Eye – By L’Oreal.

I bought this eye make-up remover a while back and i forgot I had it. When i was going through all my beauty products I came across it and decided to give it a go. I really like the fact that it didn’t leave my eyes feeling sore like some eye make-up removers are prone to doing.  I also found that it didn’t take much movement to remove even the toughest of make up. This is a product I would definitely repurchase!!

I believe I purchased my bottle from Bodycare for a couple of pounds.

clean sensation

My next empty is Garnier Mineral – Clean Sensation.

I don’t usually have a favourite deodorant i tend to just buy what is on offer. Now I think I may have changed my mind! I love the scent of this deodorant and i felt it kept my feeling fresh all day. I will certainly be repurchasing this!! This deodorant is available at most leading supermarkets.

clean on me


My most Favourite empty has to be Clean on me by Soap & Glory.

I love love love this product! It smells delicious! I just love using it when I’m in the shower. It leaves me feeling super clean and the smell lingers on your skin. I love how a smell can sometimes trigger a memory or make you think of a time in your life. Clean on me does that for me. I first started using this product around the time that i needed emergency spinal surgery. Now everytime i use it, it reminds me of that time and how far I have come, and how well I’ve healed. For that reason alone it’s my favourite shower product!

best blenheim

And Finally….

This is another scent that has a memory attached to it. My boyfriend took me away to a gorgeous themed hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland called ‘The Witchery’ ( my birthday a few years ago. They used Penhaligons of London toiletries and they smell absolutely beautiful. The scent they used was ‘Blenheim Boquet’. This scent was created in 1902 making it over 112 years old! It’s a beautiful, spicy mix with citrus and wood notes. While in Edinburgh we found a Penhaligons shop and bought a bottle of their shower gel and we have been buying it ever since. It’s unisex so both me and my Boyfriend use it. It is rather pricey with a 300ml bottle of shower gel costing £25.00 but a little goes a long way! I only normally use it on special occasions, as it keeps it feeling like a a special treat. Buy yours at

I Hope you Enjoyed Reading about my May Empties…….

Love & Bubbles

The Secret Girly Girl


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