Bank Holiday Mini Haul!

So yesterday in the UK was Bank Holiday Monday and that means only one thing – Bank Holiday Shopping!!

One of my favourite shops right now is Homesense.  For those of you who have never heard of this store it’s the Home wear outlet chain by the company TKMaxx.

There really aren’t a lot of these stores around the UK but I’m lucky to have one near by and I adore it! It’s great for discount furniture, unusual food, cocktail mixes, Candles & Soft furnishings.

I was quite restrained and didn’t buy too much just some little items that I thought were cute.

Cocktail mix

First item I picked up where these fantastic Cocktail Mixes. I always go to TKMaxx or Homesense for my cocktail mixes because they are crazily cheap and are great to have in for when the girls come round for drinks. These are non-alcoholic mixes, all you have to do is add the spirit of your choice. I picked up my favourite mix, Pomegranate Margarita and Texarita as I have never tried this before. I have all my friends loving the Pomegranate mix so I had to pick up a few bottles for them too.  They Retail at £3.99 each.


Secondly I picked up this Ideas book as I always carry a note pad with me to scribble down all my thoughts and blog ideas. It’s a hardback book and it was only £3.99 and it’s so cute.

lemon scrubscrub

Thirdly I bought this Gorgeous Honeydew & Lemon Sugar Scrub.  This was strangely in with all the candles so at first that’s what I thought it was. When I opened it I fell in love with the sweet tangy scent and then I realised that I get to use it all over my body and it went straight in the basket. It was reduced to £3.00 and for a large 550g tub that’s amazing value.

The last item I bought was a delicious Lemon scented glass jar candle for £5.99 unfortunately it rolled out of the bag in the boot of the car and when the boot was opened it rolled out and shattered so it is no more 😦

So that’s just some little bits I bought from Homesense. If  you are lucky enough to have one of these stores close by I recommend checking it out as you can pick up some really unusual items there, at really low prices.

Love & Bubbles,

Secret Girly Girl




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