April Glossy Box – Sweet Treats!

glossybox1glossy mag

When I heard that the theme for April’s Glossybox was going to be Sweet Treats I expected pastel coloured products with sugary sweet names so I was little disappointed when I opened the box to find nothing of the sort but there were some good products in the box.

Product 1: Emite Make Up Lip Brush (L312) Sample worth: £17.00

I was quite happy that I received this product as it seems like a nice brush and it’s one that I can pop in my day make-up bag that I take to work. I would say this was probably my favourite product in the box.

lip brushmonu oil

Product 2: Monu Spa Warming Ginger Massage oil (30ml) Sample worth: £7.50

If I’m honest this product took me by surprise. I usually hate anything that is ginger scented/flavoured (ironic as I am Ginger 🙂 ) but I really liked this. It has a lovely warm spicy scent but isn’t too strong. It also felt nice on my skin without being too greasy. Overall an enjoyable product

Product 3: Me Me Me Beat the blues Highlighter (12ml) Sample Worth: £5.50

This is a product that I wasn’t over the moon about. Mostly because I already use Benefits High Beam and this product just doesn’t meet Benefits standard. The consistency is really thin and the effect is so subtle it’s practically non-existent. This is definitely not going to be working its way into my make up bag.

me me me highlightertresseme dry shampoo

Product 4: TREsemme Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo (100ml) Sample Worth: £2.50

Now this is a product going straight into my handbag. What girl doesn’t need dry shampoo in a manageable handbag sized can?!? I love getting products that are useful & handbag sized.  So this was great for me.

Product 5: He-Shi Professional Tanning (50ml) Sample Worth: £7.95

Unfortunately I took one look at this product and gave it away. This is a fake tan product for Medium skin. I am a red head with fair skin (as I put on my beauty profile) so this product made no sense to me. I don’t use fake tan products and if I did I certainly wouldn’t use a medium shade. This was a disappointment but was perfect for the person I gave it to so they gained from this mismatch.


Overall I would say I was happy with the contents of my Glossybox this month. Lucifer on the other hand just loved the wrapping…..

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I hope you enjoy.

Secret Girly Girl





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