Revlon Mini Haul!

I was so excited to see the following Revlon products in stores as I have been waiting for these products to drop for the last couple of weeks.

staggeredconnect colour

First of all was the Revlon Colour stay Shadowlinks. These are mono eye shadows that you can click together to make your own personalized eye shadow palette.

They come in 20 shades, in Pearl & Satin effects. They arrived in Superdrug stores today  & each individual shadow is currently priced £2.99 and as an added bonus they are currently on a 3 For 2 offer! I purchased 5 shades.

I went for 3 shades from the Blue/Grey family as these are the shades I’m lacking in most.

Seafoamseafoam swatch 2

The first Shade ‘Seafoam’ is a Satin effect shadow in a gorgeous aquamarine colour. With the Aqua Trend being at the forefront of fashion & beauty at the moment this is a perfect shade to rock the trend.

Peacockpeacock swatch 2


The Second Shade is a bright Blue colour called ‘Peacock’ and goes so well with ‘Seafoam’ it’s also a much bolder way to wear the Aqua look.

Gun metalgun  metal swatch 2


Thirdly I went for ‘Gunmetal.’ Again this is a satin effect and is a gorgeous shimmering grey colour, great on it’s own or as a great addition to the smokey eye.

The final two shades are pink colours, which is a colour that I don’t normally wear but I really wanted to try something out of my comfort zone.

Candy 1candy swatch 2


Firstly I opted for  ‘Candy” the girliest pink colour ever, in a pearl finish. This is pretty much Barbie pink but I love it. I was shocked that I liked it to be honest but with Pink being a very big colour on the Spring/ Summer 14 catwalks It’s an easy way to wear the colour without being too sickly sweet.

Melonmelon swatch 2


The last shade that I added to my palette was ‘Melon”. If you read my blog on a regular basis you will know that I am currently Obsessed with all things orange and this is a beautiful orange/pink shade. This is a satin finish and I LOVE it. I would say this is my favourite shade and as much as I love orange I have never thought about rocking it on my lids but this is definitely gonna be on my lids tomorrow morning!

brow fantasypencil swatch

The final product I bought was the new Revlon ‘Brow Fantasy’. This is a double ended Brow Phenomenon. The first end is an eyebrow pencil to fill in the eyebrows then the second end is a lightweight gel that sets the brows and adds definition. This is applied using the Brow brush applicator. The Brow Fantasy comes in three shades. Dark Blonde. Brown & Dark brown. I went for the dark blonde, being a red head.  The brow fantasy retails at £6.99 and is also part of the 3 for 2 offer.

I hope you enjoyed the review as much as I enjoyed trying the products


Secret Girly Girl



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