Viva Glam Rihanna!!

viva glam boxViva Glam Rihanna1601269_10152287997488755_28584746_n

I was so excited yesterday when I received the little Black jiffy bag in the post.

This could mean only one thing, MAC products!!! Not just any MAC product but the New Viva Glam Rihanna Lipstick!!

I have been waiting for this to hit British shores ever since the US Launch last month.

As a huge fan of the RIRI Woo lipstick I couldn’t wait for the next installment – Viva Glam!

The lipstick comes encapsulated in a beautiful shimmery red case. My first thought was that it looked like an Ann summers Bullet, but that says more about my mind than any design flaw on MAC’s part. 🙂

As a natural red head I have been blessed with freckles – lots of them! And pale skin, so finding the right red shade that doesn’t wash me out or make me look like Coco the clown is not the easiest of tasks.

Viva Glam, with its blue base is just perfect for my complexion.

I did find that the Viva glam is much more sheer than the Matte RiRi Woo, but goes on beautifully.

It felt silky on my lips and stayed put when I needed it to.

Thank you MAC & RiRi for coming up with a gorgeous shade of lipstick that is a pleasure to wear!

Secret Girly Girl xxx

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